Life span of T-shirt

 The typical life span of a T-shirt is two to three years; the legal life of a T-shirt is defined as two years, and many manufacturers take that number of years into account in their production methods. There are three main factors that affect the life span.

1. the quality of the T-shirt itself ( sturdy fabric, careful sewing)
General T-shirts are made with a cost-conscious design based on mass production and mass consumption, so many of them are not made with longevity in mind, both in fabric and sewing.
 TAG-T's basic philosophy is to manufacture products made in Japan with a focus on durable fabrics and careful sewing.

T-shirts deteriorate over time as they are worn and washed. Putting them in a laundry net or at least washing them inside out and drying them on a non-slip hanger will greatly reduce the risk of neckline sagging. (Various types of non-slip hangers are available at 100-yen stores.) Also, black, dark-colored, and printed T-shirts will fade and look old due to friction during washing and UV rays when hanging out to dry.
 TAG-T has narrowed the width of the collar to make it less noticeable when the collar neck becomes saggy. Even if it gets saggy over time, we made it a crewneck with a subtle V shape to make it look aged.
The colored design tag is removed when the T-shirt is washed to minimize fading. Even if the tags become old and need to be discarded, there is very little waste.
If the T-shirts become stained, yellowed, or darkened from age, bleach them. The tags can be removed so you don't have to worry about the tags fading. This is one of the advantages of removable tags.

3. Design Factors
One of the main reasons why people stop wearing T-shirts is design factors.
In the case of printed T-shirts, if the design is trendy, the wearer will stop wearing the T-shirt when the trend passes. Also, if you get tired of it, you will stop wearing it.
 The TAG-T has a detachable tag for the design. When you get tired of the design, you can replace it. By doing so, the T-shirt itself will never be worn (thrown away). This is the enjoyable sustainability of TAG-T.